The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), the world’s largest research programme, was the main financial instrument of the EU in the field of research and development in 2007-2013. It aimed to strengthen Europe’s scientific and technological base, as well as support EU's international competitiveness through research cooperation among Member States and with international partners. Through the Health theme of the FP7, the stakeholders expected to reduce the fragmentation of national research efforts across Member States and contribute to the enhancement of the European Research Area.

PPMI was awarded two contracts to carry out ex-post evaluations of the FP7 Health theme. The first is aimed at evaluating the programme in its entirety, whereas the second is focused on personalized medicine and medical technology projects. The evaluation team works to assess the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the programme well as its EU added value. We also examine how well the research funding was converted into results and impacts in health research. The results of the evaluations will feed into the ex-post evaluation of FP7. They will also be used by the Commission to design new programmes and adjust the current actions in Horizon 2020 that succeeded the FP7 from 2014. The evaluation will be made available to other policy-makers, particularly the European Parliament, the Council and the Member States.

E-solution:NOWORRIES Agency Developing esthetics.