PPMI has successfully completed a cost/benefit analysis study for Impact Assessment on road circulation of Non Road Mobile Machinery. The study built on existing evidence and filled in the gaps to measure the possible economic, social and environmental impacts of a new harmonised regulatory system. The study team has consulted 90 economic operators (manufacturers, intermediaries, end-users, third parties) and Member State authorities, of which 39 are manufacturers of mobile machinery, representing around 50 % of the total industry turnover and developed an analytical model. Based on such model we have calculated the costs of non-harmonised system as well as established the potential savings (expressed in monetary values) under each of the policy options proposed by the EC.

The findings of this study, therefore, represent the net benefit of harmonisation of the requirements for road circulation throughout the EU. Furthermore, it provides an input to the Commission’s impact assessment that will accompany a possible new EU legislative proposal aiming to harmonise road safety requirements for mobile machinery.

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