Last week NESET II Work Programme of 2018 has been officially confirmed by the European Commission. This year the Network will deliver 2 Analytical Reports: Role and place of ECEC in integrated work, benefitting vulnerable groups, such as Roma, by Jana Huttova, Jan Peeters, Ankie Vandekerckhove and Hester Hulpia; and Teaching media literacy in the age of disinformation: effective school education policies and practices in Europe (working title), by Julian McDougall, Barry van Driel, Marketa Zulkova and Dalibor Sternadel.

NESET II is also ready to accommodate and respond to ad hoc queries from the Commission this year. One ad hoc question has been already answered and can be found in the NESET II website, here.

Additionally, NESET II together with EENEE will hold third annual conference in November, which will focus on Core European Values and be a major event of the Network.


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