Last month PPMI received the approval from DG EAC and successfully finalised the 2019 working programme of NESET (Network of Experts working on the Social Dimension of Education and Training). This marks the end of the 1st year for NESET (2019-2022), which is a successor to NESSE (2007-2010), NESET (2011-2014) and NESET II (2015-2018) networks.

During the last year, the Network expanded to around 60 members working in the field of education and training, and continuously grew its highly qualified database of educational experts. In 2019, NESET developed four analytical and four ad-hoc reports. The analytical reports focused on important aspects of the social dimension in education, namely: the future of language education in Europe; student-centred learning and teaching in higher education; equity funding; the effects of digital technology in education. The ad-hoc requests were focused on particularly relevant issues in different countries, such as: school segregation in Sweden; market reforms in Hungarian school system; higher education reforms in Lithuania; integration of Roma citizens in Spain. These deliverables received very positive feedback from DG EAC in terms of quality and smooth coordination, and may be found on the NESET website.

PPMI is also thrilled about this years’ work programme which will explore up-to-date educational issues and foresees exciting new initiatives such as webinars, educational podcasts and other interesting activities. To learn more about NESET, check our website and subscribe to our quarterly newsletters. You can also follow the Network’s updates on LinkedIn, Facebook and ResearchGate.

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